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Developed for the need to treat an unwanted pimple quickly, effectively, invisibly, naturally and on the go.

Zap Zit is a unique combination of tea tree, lavender and bergamot in an alcohol gel base.

Best used for:
Disinfecting and healing for pimples this combination of essential oils and sterilizing base is effective. Its targeted application dries the pimple without drying the surrounding skin.

How to use:
Use the roller ball on a pimples and breakouts to apply the gel. Use a moisturizer after the zapzit has dried. Best used in conjunction with ZitGo Face wash daily and Scrubzit facial scrub twice a week.

What people are saying about this product:
Candice - "I got a Zap Zit from one of my friends, it’s a brilliant product and works wonders!"

Sophia - "Your products are amazing!!!! I have EXTREMELY sensitive yet clear skin. As I am generally spot-free, but the occasional spot really gets to me! Your product , Zap Zit, is effective yet gentle enough for my sensitive skin. To boot it does exactly what the name suggests and much more! I have often recommended Zap Zit and will continue to do so."


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