The Company

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Aromatic Apothecary is a 25 year young business with a focus on achieving wellness through the natural art of Aromatherapy. We are passionate about our products and the promotion of natural healing within South Africa and only ever turn to the natural world to source the amazing ingredients we use in our products.

Over the past twenty five years Aromatic Apothecary has become a leading brand in the wellness industry and has established itself as the principal ready- to-use Aromatherapy product supplier to the health industry, boasting a national client list of reputable health shops and pharmacies.

We strive to make easy and ready-to-use aromatherapy products that make a difference in the lives of our customers. We also focus on empowering people with the correct information about aromatherapy and address the overuse and abuse of modern medicine.

Aristotle famously spoke of “nature doing nothing uselessly” and this is a belief close to the heart of all Aromatic Apothecary employees. We believe in the power of natural ingredients and in the regular use of Aromatherapy in conjunction with modern medicine to achieve ultimate health and wellness.



Modern day stresses require new ways of attending to our health and well being. Aromatic Apothecary addresses the issue of holism with the use of essential oils, which act on the body, mind and soul.

Pure essential oils are distilled from flowers, leaves, roots, stems or seeds of many different plants. Their action on our bodies is effected by absorption through the skin into our cells, tissues and bloodstream and also via inhalation, having a powerful influence on our minds and souls thereby affecting our moods and our feelings. In our range, essential oils have been used therapeutically and developed into safe products by a pharmacist.

We supply a wide-range of specially designed, hand-made & ready-to-use therapeutic products that provide solutions for everyday ailments. Are you stressed? Do you have sore muscles? Are nasal problems driving you crazy? Do you suffer from insomnia or have sleeping issues? Regardless of the need, we provide amazing natural products that counteract the effects of living in modern times.



The first products were made in 1992 and were sold personally  at craft markets. Over the years, the informal trading turned into a rapidly growing venture and by December 1996, Aromatic Apothecary was formalised.

Trading continued for two years from a barrow at the famous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. In 1998, the first Aromatic Apothecary shop in South Africa opened and has been well patronised by locals and tourists alike. After many years in its own retail stores, Aromatic Apothecary’s wholesale business steadily grew and today more than three hundred health shops and pharmacies are stockists of Aromatic Apothecary products. In 1999 the company launched an online store where products can be purchased and delivered worldwide.

The business has grown from a cottage industry around a dining room table into a thriving, expanding business.


Doryce is a qualified Pharmacist, Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, born and educated in Zimbabwe. Having graduated as a pharmacist, Doryce worked in the retail and hospital pharmacy industry, but was troubled by the over-use of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Doryce then studied Aromatherapy and developed aromatherapy products that were initially sold at craft markets. Her motive was and still is to offer people something other than a drug to feel better. Understanding the consumers’ needs generated the development of therapeutic products. Doryce is still at the helm after more than 25 year since she created her first bottle of “antistress oil “.