With the focus on looking after our health and understanding the unprecedented times that we are living in, we are reminded how important breath is. We know that breathing is what is being compromised in individuals suffering from the effects of Covid viral infection.
If we reflect on how we normally take it for granted that we will take the next breath with ease, we now appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to breathe with ease.

Breathing deeply centres us. Breathing fresh air invigorates us. Breathing slowly calms us down for when we are stressed we often hold our breath. Let this be a reminder to breathe healthily, deeply and with consciousness. Breathing is the foundation of many wellness practices. We trust and hope you all stay well.

INHALE……………..EXHALE ………………..  

To remind you to breathe with awarenss we have a range of inhalers that also work as remedies. 

– clean fresh oils to open the nasal passages 

– healing oils for headache relief

– soothing calming oils for relaxation & sleep

– stimulating oils for concentration and alertness