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This kit is essential for every household. It contains products that relieve muscular and joint pain, headaches, sinus, problem skin, burns, painful feet and dry lips. Feel free to add a special request when completing your order by exchanging a mini roll of your choice for one already in the kit and choosing the flavour of your Lip Treat.

Kit contains: Roll on Relief, Rub in Relief, Spray on Relief, Head A Care, Sinus Soother, Zap Zit, Burngo, Mini Feet Treaty and Lip Treat.

How to use:
Roll on Relief: Roll on to muscular area for about twenty seconds, applying pressure with the roller ball while the gel is dispensed. Shortly after application tingling will begin as the essential oils act, and thereafter relief.

Rub in Relief: This absorbent and therapeutic muscle and joint cream is easy to massage into painful areas such knees, joints, sore hands and feet.

Spray on Relief: Spray the essential oils onto the painful area for quick relief. No need to massage if the area is too painful.

Head A Care: Apply the roller ball application to the back of the neck, temples and pulse points for headache relief.

Sinus Soother: Apply the roller ball application to sides of nose, under cheeks, above eyebrows and behind the ears to relieve congestion. Take care to avoid contact with your eyes.

Zap Zit: Apply the roller ball application on all pimple and blackhead breakouts massaging gently in small circles as you apply. Can be used in conjunction with Zit Scrub facial scrub and Zit Go Face wash

Burngo: Spray directly onto burnt area and leave uncovered for a few minutes before applying dressing if required. Reapply as required

Mini Feet Treaty: Moisturise, freshen and revitilise tired feet by massaging feet with this rich cream

Lip Treat: moisturize and soften lips as often as required with a choice of 4 lip balms.