Roll on Relief


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Volume: 50ml

Contains: Essential oils of Ginger, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender in a gel base

Best used for:
To relieve sports injuries, aching and stiff muscles, arthritic pains, bruises and painful joints.

This unique roll-on has a dual purpose – to apply therapeutic essential oils and massage the affected area. Roll on to muscular area, applying pressure with the roller ball while the gel is dispensed for about twenty seconds. Shortly after application tingling will begin as the essential oils act, and thereafter relief. The roller ball application is best used for self-massage and deep muscle penetration. This application is also useful for when massaging someone else if you do not have the required strength in your hands. Can be used repeatedly in acute situations, or as needed.


Casey -” My mother has been suffering from back ache for a little while now and complains that only she knows where the pain is. I gave her my bottle of roll on relief and she was amazed at how it really targeted the area and within a short while the pain was gone.”

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