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Contains: Essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput and Menthol,

Best used for:
To relieve and treat joint pains, arthritis, post-operative pain and other painful joint or muscular conditions. In clinical studies (IJA.2010.vol7, issue 2) essential oils are shown to reduce inflammation and pain, and improve circulation.

This absorbent and therapeutic muscle and joint cream is easy to massage into painful areas such as knees, joints, sore hands and feet. Peppermint cools, eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory, cajeput improves circulation, while menthol adds to the cooling effect contrasting the warming of the peppermint.


Margaret – “My hands sometimes get quite sore from arthritis and a few nights ago the pain was rather intense. I rub your relief cream into the area and by the time I woke up the pain was gone. “

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