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Our Relaxer combo helps you to relax and calms the mind and soul during and after stressful times

Combo contains: Stressless Bath and Massage oil, Roll on Relief, Spray on Relief, Relaxer mini roll on, Stressniff inhaler, Silent Moments Bath salts sachet and a Silent Moments glycerine soap.

4 Steps to a more relaxed you:

  1. Use Stressless bath & massage oil or Silent Moments bath salts in the bath for a feeling of calm and peace
  2. Use Silent Moments glycerine soap containing camomile and lavender to promote calm
  3. Self-massage Roll On relief onto tight neck muscles and shoulders
  4. Rub the Relaxer Mini Roll On onto pulse points to promote relaxation and keep with you in your hand bag or pocket throughout the day; re apply as needed

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