Everyday we are aware of the pressures of life, did we sleep restfully, how do we create a work life balance, can we just have time to breathe   ~  B R E A T H E…. 

I saw a quote saying we live life at the pace at which we breathe. Take a few moments and inhale the beautifully calming aromas in STRESSNIFF and use the RELAXER mini roll on to apply the relaxing oil to wrists and neck. The soothing oils are absorbed for relief. Lavender relaxes, Geranium is balancing, Camomile is soothing and Neroli is sedating. Inhale, roll and relax….

Carry your Relaxer combo set where ever you go 

RELAXER mini roll on

A must have for relaxing at any time.
Best used for
relaxation at bedtime,
before a stressful event,
when feeling anxious,
or when facing difficulties.
Roll on and feel the Relief.


Breathing deeply is already calming,
breathing in the aromas
from this inhaler is my
favorite method
of feeling instantly soothed