When allergy season is upon us, congestion, runny nose, itchy eye, headache, pressure and pain sets in and the effects can be persistent and debilitating.
Improve your immunity with rest, vitamins and life balance. Know the triggers of allergies and flu and if possible reduce exposure. This common sense approach together with use of effective products can help alleviate irritating symptoms.
We at the Aromatic Apothecary have a few simple solutions that can relieve some of the symptoms and help combat your allergies.

  • Sinus Soother roll on
  • Sinusniff inhaler 

The products have been developed by a pharmacist to safely make use of essential oil properties in different delivery forms. The relevant essential oils are various blends and mixes of three or four of the following :

  • Eucalyptus  which opens up the airways both nasally and in the chest
  • Lavender  which soothes mucuos membranes in the airways,
  • Tea Tree which is anti-infectious.
  • Benzoin which bronchodilating (known as Friars Balsam)
  • Peppermint which assists in easier breathing

other useful products 

  • Sneezes and Wheezes massage oil (for children and for adults )
  • Sniffle Soother for inhaling, steaming or use in a humidifier can all help.

Carry your Relaxer combo set where ever you go 

Carry your Sinus combo set where ever you go 

SINUS SOOTHER mini roll on
Best used on the sides of the nose,
on the throat, up behind the ears
to relieve congestion and allergies.
can be used regularly or at least
morning and night

use inhaler in each nostril for relief ~
to help ease blocked nasal passages and to minimise congestion related to sinus, colds and  hay fever