2020  reflections ~  seasons changing, time moving fast and slow, stars shining brightly and some stormy skies, planets aligning, virus’ spreading, lockdown revisions, alcohol restrictions, learners disrupted, many challenges and some blessings, acts of generosity, others less kind, communities coming together, families separated, others united .. so much change has happened in our world, personally and globally.

We at the Relief co suggest that taking time out to find any positive thought to focus on can change how you feel. We know that a lovely aroma can shift or uplift, that self care is essential and that now is all we have.

It is said that optimists enjoy their day no matter the outcome!

We wish each of you a peaceful and safe transition into 2021 and that no matter your faith, hold on to it, keeping faith is the hope that things will get better.

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Give the gift of giving ~ gifts do not have to be material, a smile of encouragement maybe all that a person needs to feel better. Stop and smell the flowers…. 

We thank you for all the aromatic support this year and trust that you will continue to feel better aromatically in 2021,

best aromatic regards,