In these new normal times that we are living through, our skin sometimes has ‘breakouts”.
Out of nowhere those unwanted pimples arrive and we are so tempted to squeeze them, and when we do squeeze, a whole lot of related pimples are generated around where we squeezed, leaving marks and inflamed, irritated skin. 
Best to use ZAP ZIT as soon as a spot (pimple) emerges on the face, back, chest or where ever  your “zit’ emerges. Daily or twice daily washing with Zit Go face wash reduces the chances of infected pores and keeps the skin squeaky clean.

The essential oil of Tea Tree is anti-infectious and useful for treatment of pimples – but when used neat it can burn the skin. ZAP ZIT is specially formulated with the appropriate quantity of Tea Tree oil to help and not harm the skin.
Lavender promotes new cell growth and has a repairing action,
Bergamot has an astringent action.
The oils are blended into an alcohol gel base to ensure sterility.

This formulation is safe to use regularly on pimples without drying or harming the face – so much easier than squeezing – simply zap those zits! 

Make your Zitgo Combo set a must have for a clearer skin

ZAP ZIT mini rollon 10ml

Best used as a pimple emerges. Simply roll on to the pimple and watch it dry out. useful on blind pimples too, as it is absorbs into the spot.


Face wash – Tea Tree, Lavender and Thyme (antiseptic) mixed in a hypo-allergenic soap for problem skin – use small quantities once or twice a day – follow with a moisturiser

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