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Therapeutic aromatherapy products developed by a pharmacist

Aromatic Apothecary is a family-run business with a focus on achieving wellness through the natural art of Aromatherapy. We are PASSIONATE about our products and the promotion of natural healing within South Africa! At Aromatic Apothecary, we only ever turn to the natural world to source the amazing ingredients we use in our products.

In 1992 Aromatic Apothecary began as a cottage industry selling bath and massage oils from craft markets. We developed into a formal business in December 1996 whereby Aromatic Apothecary had its first professional retail outlet at the V&A Waterfront  and developed the core of the company to also encompass natural remedies for every day ailments.

Over the past fifteen years Aromatic Apothecary has become a leading brand in the wellness industry and has established itself as the principal ready- to-use Aromatherapy Products supplier to the health industry, boasting a national client list of reputable health shops and pharmacies.

Join us for a scentsationoil experience at our retail kiosk at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban and our new designer Kiosk at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. If you can’t get to us, visit our online shopping portal and get your favourite goodies delivered to your door.


Stress relief

Watch our video on how Roll On Relief helps computer users

One of our most successful products to date is our Roll On Relief. It is part of our relief trio that combats pain through various applications. We all have days where we spend hours in front of the computer. Our neck and shoulder muscles are strained and you can feel the knots developing. Keeping…

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Focusniff and Stressniff Inhalers for concentration & stress relief

Inhaling aromatherapy oils is usually facilitated by using an aromatherapy burner or room spray. However everyone in the area is then subjected to the aroma in the room. The idea of using an inhaler or aroma stick is unique and innovative in that an inhaler doesn’t only have to be for nasal congestion. Inhalers…

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