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Therapeutic aromatherapy products developed by a pharmacist

Aromatic Apothecary is a 28 year young business with a focus on achieving wellness through the natural art of Aromatherapy. We offer something other than a drug to feel better ! We are PASSIONATE about our products and the promotion of natural healing within South Africa! At Aromatic Apothecary, we only ever turn to the natural world to source the amazing ingredients we use in our products.

In 1992 Aromatic Apothecary began as a cottage industry selling bath and massage oils from craft markets. We developed into a formal business in December 1996 whereby Aromatic Apothecary had its first professional retail outlet at the V&A Waterfront  and developed the core of the company to also encompass natural remedies for every day ailments.

Over the past twenty eight years Aromatic Apothecary has become a leading brand in the wellness industry and has established itself as the principal ready- to-use Aromatherapy Products supplier to the health industry, boasting a national client list of reputable health shops and pharmacies.

As we move forward we will be know as The Relief Co… offering aromatic relief !

Waterfront Kiosk Moving On – “When one door closes, another opens”

After over 21 years of trading at the V&A Waterfront, Aromatic Apothecary is closing its independent retail outlet to meet the needs of the modern consumer who is shopping on line or at a one-stop-shop for wellness (Wellness Warehouse in particular). Aromatic Apothecary’s strong brand was built over the years at the V&A Waterfront….

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Top five essential oils every sportsman and woman should use

When you bump yourself, twist your ankle or get a cramp, your instinct is to place a healing hand on the area to hold or rub it to feel relief. Cooling inflamed areas and massaging a sore muscle or joint are instantly soothing and healing. Essential oils provide instant localised relief and are rapidly…

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